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If you know anything about elephant folklore, then you’ll know that this giant of the animal kingdom is associated with knowledge, wisdom, power, strength, patience and determination. In many Asian cultures, the majestic elephant is considered a sacred animal. African, Indian and Chinese cultures regard the elephant as a symbol of protection, honour, loyalty and tenacity. In the Chinese language, the Chinese character for “good luck” has the same pronunciation as that for “elephant”.    Elephants also have great significance in Feng Shui to energise, balance, protect and bring success and good luck to the home or office.  Feng Shui practitioners believe each area of a building governs certain aspects of life, ranging from relationships, health, wellbeing, prosperity, success, fertility and spiritual growth.

An elephant statue, cushion, planter, motif or artwork is auspicious when it is placed in the right location.  Here’s four ways you can use elephant symbols and statues to attract happiness, success, harmony and other good chi…

1. For Good Luck and Protection

Place one or preferably a pair of elephants, facing inwards, at your front door to usher in good luck and blessings. If you want to protect your home from negativity and prevent the loss of chi, (or good energy), place them on each side of your front door facing outwards to block bad energy from entering.

2. To promote Love, Fidelity and Harmony between a couple

Place a pair of elephants in your bedroom, one on each side of the bed, to encourage faithfulness and strong bonds between you and your partner. A pair of elephants on the bed in the form of cushions, or an elephant patterned quilt cover, or above the bed as a painting is also very auspicious to creating and maintaining harmony.
3. To aid Fertility and create Strong Bonds with your children
An elephant on your beside table or two elephants on each side of your bedroom door will aid fertility and welcome in infant energy. If you want to strengthen and protect your bond with your children, place a statue of a mother and baby elephant in the children or family sector of your home.
4. For Academic and Work Success
Place an elephant symbol (such as a cushion cover, toy, wallpaper or wall hanging) in your child’s bedroom, or a statue or planter on his/her desk, or where they do their homework to bring them knowledge. To attract work success, power and wisdom, place an elephant symbol in the career sector of your home and also next to your computer. If you want to energise your career or enhance your current job, place an elephant near the door of your workplace office to attract power and protect you from bad energy. Put an elephant planter with a leafy green plant on your desk, facing outward to enhance intelligent leadership qualities, and attract poise and caution and perform under pressure.
Trunk up or down?
There are different opinions as to whether the elephant’s trunk should be up or down. Some say an elephant with a trunk up symbolises the showering of good luck and fortune on all who walk past it. Others say that it is better if the trunk is down, so the elephant lets good fortune flow freely on everyone’s path. Be guided by your own intuition, likes and dislikes, there are no strict rules for Feng Shui when it comes to decorating. The most important thing is that you genuinely love the elephant, trunk up or down and connect with it.  www.succtus.com.au has a wonderful range of ceramic elephants in large and small sizes, starting from just $9.95, available in a range of the luckiest Feng Shui colours.  Green is considered the colour of balance, growth, abundance and healing. Happy, vibrant, eye-catching orange is considered a social, creative colour. But don’t use it if you want to create a quiet place of reflection. Use calming blue to attract peace, truth and better communication and to become more spiritually attuned. Regal purple is a highly spiritual colour, thought to attract wealth and wisdom. White is all about new beginnings, purity and cleansing, and a white elephant is considered the most powerful and luckiest of all.They are multipurpose – use them as planters to hold your favourite indoor plants, or as decorative ornaments and statues, and sit them on your work or home office desk and all the other Feng Shui sectors to attract good energy.

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