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Something in the Water

Have you ever wondered how cacti thrive extreme heat and cold and the dry air of the desert? Cactus and succulent lovers will know the answer to that question. The long, fibrous roots of this invincible plant are spread out to collect water when it does rain, although ball cacti have shorter more compact roots […]

Aloe, Aloe, Aloe, what do we have here?

Known to the ancient Egyptians as the “plant of immortality”, there’s a good reason why aloe vera (a cactus plant of the Liliaceae family) has been used for centuries for skin care, healing and medicinal purposes. Legendary Egyptian Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti believed that bathing in aloe vera would enhance and prolong their beauty. As […]

Blooming Love

A great alternative to the traditional bouquet of red roses is an arrangement of colourful succulents, ideal for someone who prefers a more contemporary Valentine. And, according to modern floriography, succulents mean “enduring”.

Bags Of Style

After many years of vowing to only buy black shoes, I have failed miserably and I am now the owner of shoes in every colour of the rainbow, in addition to floral, leopard and snakeskin print. I have shoes with beads, bling and jewels, shoes with sequins, shimmer and glitter. Shoes with stripes, spots and […]

Elephant In The Room

                If you know anything about elephant folklore, then you’ll know that this giant of the animal kingdom is associated with knowledge, wisdom, power, strength, patience and determination. In many Asian cultures, the majestic elephant is considered a sacred animal. African, Indian and Chinese cultures regard the elephant […]

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