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After many years of vowing to only buy black shoes, I have failed miserably and I am now the owner of shoes in every colour of the rainbow, in addition to floral, leopard and snakeskin print. I have shoes with beads, bling and jewels, shoes with sequins, shimmer and glitter. Shoes with stripes, spots and swirls. High heels, kitten heels, low heels, flat.My motto is… if the shoe fits, buy it and the handbag too. So, it’s no surprise that I have a handbag to match each pair of shoes I own, in addition to a few other bags that don’t match anything at all but they were just too gorgeous, or too much of a bargain, to leave in the shop.By the way, the stunning Peacock print mini satchel that I sell on is a new addition to my bag collection. I love it – it’s the perfect size to hold a phone, lippy, keys and small wallet, for a night out or to dash down to the shop. The long strap means you can wear it securely across your body and leave your hands free.It also comes in a flamingo and a cactus pattern. Check them out here and if you happen to come across matching shoes, do let me know.
Given my love of shoes and bags, it’s no surprise that I’ve found a way to incorporate them in my garden. You might have already seen an earlier blog about repurposing old crocs as planters, which I potted up with succulents. But I’m really excited to add rustic metal handbag and hand basket planters to the Succtus garden accessory range. If you’re looking for something unusual and eye-catching, you’ll love these cuties. Flat-bottomed for stability and featuring a generous area to hold potting mix and plants, these rustic bags have added a charming focal point to my garden and they will to yours too. The rough texture of the metal is a perfect contrast to smooth, shiny, lush succulents spilling over the top. These vintage planters also fit right in to cottage gardens. 
With their embossed sunflower pattern, these gorgeous metal hand baskets are perfect for period and country-style homes. Simply fill them with potted colour and place them near the front door – you’ll have a rustic flower basket that’s sure to be a talking point with friends, family and neighbours.

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